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Structure of the universe

Three factions exist in the universe, two of which are hostile to each other and the remaining one tries to be neutral. Faction members generally only agree to be friendly during war, unless other agreements are made individually by bilateral relations or otherwise. [1]

Humans are generally ignorant of other races until Stage Four: Armageddon. [1]

Basically I want a universe that we can basically make into a sandbox with some guidelines. [3]

Races can be either based on ancient lore (like lord of the rings), or be futuristic (like star wars/star trek era). This allows for Magic vs Technology. [4]

Hostile Faction: Serene

Hostile Faction: Chaos

Neutral Faction

Members neutral faction does not have to be peace loving, as all societies will have outcasts and rogues. [1]

Other Parties

The reason why I put these in separate sections instead of under here is because it flows with the content this way. ~Ketsu


A prophesy causes all factions to fight for a singular object,[1] this prophesy evolved individually on all involved planets,[2] but is not exactly the same on all said planets. [7]

The number of aforementioned prophetic races are up to whoever wants to create a spiritual race. [3]

Basic Generalized Version

The prophesy would say that on Earth, the true race who can find the special place or item will be able to ascend to the next stage of evolution, The Master Race. [3]

This special place or item shall be temporarily named Relic henceforth.

The Crusade

A crusade will occur due to this prophesy.

[QUOTE]The problem is that no one wants to let anyone become the Master Race cos they're all greedy bastards or have no faith that the Master Race will not wipe other races out. To actually find this special item or place, they need researchers, archaeologists, surveyors and other scientists to scour through the planet to find it. That would take days or weeks or even months. That's why most races want to grab the planet to see whether they hit jackpot and through discovering where it is and also as insurance that no one will get it.[/QUOTE] [3] Might want to wikify this quote


Pre-Exodus Period

Humanity developed into the late stages of the Fusion Age, progress level 7. Fusion engines are possible, by using magnetism (or similar) to contain the fusion reactions within the reactor, making a much more efficient power source. Solar energy systems also developed to a much advanced stage. Mars is colonized. The whole solar system is accessible to some, strictly in the industry business where mining of ores and minerals are involved. [8] However, we are not yet able to travel to a distant star within the lifespan of a human, and thus are generally ignorant of other races. [1]


So after successful trials for unmanned probe with that drive and finally reached alpha centauri, they begin building the exodus ship, the 1st colony ship ever built, with ready buildings and everything needed for a colony to be established. However, the cataclysm occurred, due to some STUPID HUMAN DOING which had something to do with the sun, and then humans rushed the production of the exodus with success, and they escaped successfully but resultant chaos and conflict for humans on earth from being "left behind to die and rot" caused them to hate the exodus humans, later used as an excuse for the "left to rot" humans to kill the exodus humans on their return to earth in the later segment. [8]

Post-Apocalyptic Period

Thus the 'portal' was opened, which paved the way to otherwordly beings like gods and stuff and the destruction of earth's surface left the people distraught, technological regression ensues, and mutation begins. Like the setting of fallout the game, where it is set in the post apocalyptic period, where 3 factions are present: Refer to #Earth Humans [8]

How ancient is ancient?

The technology on Earth is defined as "not so advanced". Examples of weapons or gadgets incude:

  • Guns (non-automatic)
  • Explosives
  • Early Helicopters (Goblin/Gnome-made)
  • Flash powder (used in flash bangs)

Try to imagine a time where it was an era where warcraft III took place. [6]

Dealing with enemy high-tech races

On Earth, High tech races can't use "weapons of mass destruction" because that would risk destroying precious information on the whereabouts of the location of the Relic. Magic wielders are also able to change Earth's atmosphere on a small scales so technologies such as energy-based plasma guns and lasers don't work correctly. However, this doesn't mean that these high-tech weapons are totally ineffective - some races resort to old fashioned ballistics while others continue to rely on their malfunctioning equipment. [5] [6]


Earth Humans

Humans left by the Exodus Humans to rot and die on the Earth. Earth Humans mutate over a period of few millenia due to their being blasted with gamma rays and evolved with magic. [8] [9] [13]

Think Orcs, Dwarves, Elves. [9]

These humans eventually become #Ascended Humans.

Vault Humans / Technologists

People who built a vault to contain all the necessary technology, and they lived in there, safe from the cataclysm, and thus untouched by the mutation sequences. finally emerging as the most techno advanced NORMAL humans, but people generally became so afraid of technology that these tech advanced humans are killed off soon after, but some are still alive, so they are very rare, ultimately the world's technologies become "lost", locked in the vaults [8]


Actually scientists who make technology a religion and worship the "machine god". These people break into the lost vaults and steal those technology for their own use. However, they are also hard to find since they are the minority and also hiding from the technology fearing population. [8]

General Population

These are the people who had experienced mutation, so they possess magic. They can be those who have evolved into the various "races" we all know in ancient lore: elves who adore the woods, dwarves who live in impregnable fortresses under the mountains, orcs who have increased aggression and the bad side of humans intensify, etc. [8]

Ascended Humans

Earth humans find the Relic, thanks to an 'epic' battle against the Otherworldy Gods. After this Relic is found, all the humans on Earth make the final ascension of evolution, becoming the Perfect Race.[9]

These humans are able to roam the universe in their spiritual form. [9] However, still require their physical bodies in order to survive.[10]

The initial ascended race has to battle all the other races, struggling to survive their incubation period to become the real ascended.[15]

Is the following still in effect? [QUOTE]The initial ascended which have no control over their genetic defects in their weaker physical body but the new generation of humanity that comes through procreation will have accepted the Exodus Humans and are using technology to put their physical bodies to sleep in pods that take care of medical and psychological treatment. This new generation of Earth Humans will not have the biasness that the past Earth Humans had against Exodus humans and that's why they'll be more accepting of technology from Exodus humans.[/QUOTE] [14]

See also: #Ascension

Exodus Humans

The Exodus Humans are those humans who left Earth during the Exodus Segment.

The Exodus Humans did make contact with Earth Humans but because of their past actions. They weren't in the best of terms and even then only the Vault Humans actually ever made contact with the Exodus Humans. [9]

However, the Ascended Humans eventually forgive the Exodus Humans for their actions, the former being benevolent and all.[9]


Note: I'm not sure how this would go... but either the portal mutates them humans, or they don't, but instead draw power from the portal which channels energy through the moon, the sun, or something else like the other worldly beings being the "gods".[8]

Lost Hiirgardee technology. [reference required]

If it's going to involve "enlightenment" (in effect), the relic should be something that would give knowledge, like some sort of altar with writing, ancient scrolls, tablets, etc. [17]

Maybe we could put it such that it IS a special place but inside there are many Sacred Relics which are actually equipment from the Hiirgardee to test whether the race is the right one to be ascended? [18]


The relic possesses power to transform the beings of inheritance, humans, to be exact, into ascended beings. The ascension is a long process that drags on to a few generations since the ascension to the spiritual form is another step towards evolution. I suppose the kind of power the relic endows upon would bring in a super-evolutionary "virus" specifically to humans.[19] This super-evolutionary "virus" is possibly a DNA computer of some sort.[x]

It would be hard for the initial stage of the ascension to progress to the next due to genetic defects of some sort. But people generally do not have genetic defects and start to live longer, making the generations span across a larger period of time.[19]

For Human-specific Ascension, See Also: #Ascended Humans


The key event is the finding of the Relic. This triggers the "superevolutionary virus" among the humans/the people who inherit it. People start to have less and less genetic defects, and thus they start to live longer. Some people instead would experience adverse effects on their system. Defects, so to speak.[19]


This is the next stage toward ascension. The next stage shows the push for purity of form within the physical world. So people get more perfect in their genes. Ethical/racial differences between the humans start to dwindle and diminish. People would start to look more of the same ethnicity, instead of varying ones. They start to live longer still, a few hundred years, to be exact.[19]

Purity of form

This is a crucial point in ascension - purity of form - Immortality in the physical realm. This kind of "immortality" is the kind depicted in the Lord of the Rings' elves. They are immortal in the sense that they do not die from old age, but are still bound by the death from mortal wounds. This, however, is the time where people's thoughts about conception and reproduction start to dwindle too. So they start to have a very sharp decline in birth rates, since they live forever.[11][16][19]

Spiritual detachment

This is the point where they go on to the next stage of evolution where people have stretched their limits in the physical realm, and start to evolve in the spiritual realm. This is thus the point where the humans are able to detach their souls from their body to roam about, just like in prey, but the main body must not die. They still require a physical manifestation to be able to exist within this universe.[19]

Spiritual Autonomy

The distance between the physical body and the souls gets even further, so their souls become autonomous of their bodies, still requiring the physical body to exist, but exist as another entity. [12][19]

Possibly, have it like 'The Golden Compass', where the souls are outside their bodies. One entity is unable to live without the other, unless the link between the two is completely severed, then the being begins to degrade and die. However, note that the golden compass also has beings who are semi-severed, such as the witches, whose daemons are able to travel long distances alway from their bodies. [10][19]

The above 'Golden Compass' principal agrees somewhat with Gnaiza's 'split personality' thing with he exception of Gnaiza's 'Two Souls' thing. While the two 'Golden Compass' entities are able to think and act separately, they are essentially one being. [11]

(Another analogy is like the Holy Trinity of God. For those who don't know, it is God himself existing as 3 seemingly separate entities, but yet as one.)[19]

Purity in Soul

The final stage - full independence from the body. [19]

This happens in the Revelation Segment [16]

[QUOTE]We could have that the reason why they can become the perfect race is because they left their 'weaker' personalities and quirks and their physical bodies behind. They would also need to keep their physical bodies alive I guess though they would have thought of a way to keep their second 'soul' and body alive and well without it killing itself.[/QUOTE] [12]

(Unanswered Question) Is there the possibility of some of the Ascended preferring Spiritual Autonomy due to the dual-nature of it? [reference required]


Would it be like an altar of a huge scale like the portal to the ark in Halo 3, or a small object like a ring, or some artifact that can be hand carried, or something medium size, like an orb of maximum diameter of 24 feet across, that can vary in its size and has a mind of its own? [15]


Presumably already ascended beings, possibly already highly advanced. [17]

Creator of the Prophesies and the Relic.

See Also: #Prophesy, #Relic

Reason for the Relic

This part is still hanging in the air. Afaik, a decision has not yet been made. ~Ketsu

Relic is partially discussed in the "magic" topic in conworld forum ~Arkyonite

  1. Hiirgardee could not take down the Otherworldly Gods (henceforth called OWG) for good and so prophesied that one day a race chosen to ascend will be able to conquer all evil. [20]
  2. Hiirgardee uses the relic as a gift for the realm/universe's dominating race to ascend, after which another "test" against the OWG before full ascension. [21]


The OWG and humans are two of the Hiirgardee's students, however this spoils the image of the OWG hence ruining the plot itself, unless utterly concealed from readers carefully. [21]

Closing statement

Things around here begin to get murky and undecided. I'll stop here and dump my notes. Once decisions are made, I or someone else can edit this article. ~Ketsu

Arky: (p193) My initial idea was that it could be a test from the hiirgardee. To be able to ascend, it can be the ultimate trial that the race should face: 1) Survive the onslaught of self-destruction from the dark ascension 2) Overcome the otherworldly beings. 3) Claim the throne. (Random "rules") So i suppose the portals for the otherworldly beings to enter was planted by the hiirgardee. Perhaps the otherworldly beings are enemies of old, and want to destroy everything hiirgardee. So the hiirgardee finally decided that for a race to ascend to the next level, they must prove their worth. Defeat all hindrances and "evil", and willing to sacrifice for the good of the universe (though may be a questionable action, FOR THE GREATER GOOD) Shadowbreak: Just my opinion but yeah we could use the otherworldly gods such that the Hiirgardee could not take them down for good and so prophesised that one day a race chosen to ascend will be able to conquer all evil. Arky: (p202 - noted in refs as #21) So the Hiirgardee's first step was to see whether humans have the potential and capability to withstand against the "mighty" otherwordly gods (lets refer this as OWG). Then after Hiirgardee's series of tests have proven humans are worthy, it was time for them to receive the gift of ascension. Perhaps the hiirgardee wanted to see which each dimension/realm's dominating race could be the best and take the crown to ascend. So, yeah. a competition in essence, for "students"(humans and OWG) to vie for the place as "best student" or something. Arky: (p208) So, OWGs are the race for humans to defeat ultimately. Perhaps the portal of the OWGs was an event of the Hiirgardee that they failed to foresee, and to maintain the balance of the universe, the humans must try to rid the universe of the evil OWGs or something along that line... OWGs are like humans, i guess. Not in the sense that they are humanoid or something like that, but in the sense that there are various factions of people that together, they form a collective of OWGs. candidate for ascension Shadowbreak: (p229) OWGs are the other worldly beings that live on different planes. They've started to take interest in ours as ours has many delicious souls to feast upon. Though they do not actually need to consume souls to sustain them, as long as there is an entity such as a star is adequate enough of energy that will be good enough for sustenace for these creepy beings. However with the hopes that they can get the RELIC, they can ensure that they can continue to exist and also to tinker with it so that they can produce some mighty more delicious souls to consume. MUAHAHAHAHA. Arky: (p230) Don't get me wrong here. It's not that i don't want the OWGs to be like beings that require things to survive, i want them to have human-like characteristics, but the dominant characteristics are much enhanced; more intensified. Perhaps the OWG of war could have aggression as his main dominant characteristic and is the epitome of human aggression, that sort of thing. Its just the way they achieve their goals to survive. And also, because of the stuff that they consume, for the survival of the fittest, so to speak, they are generally seen as more evil. So you see entire star systems getting depleted, and *light bulb* you could use that as the basis for dying stars and why they turn into black holes, and in fact black holes are dimensional portals for the OWGs to enter into this realm, but normal humans and other beings would get crushed like the real blackholes. You get what i mean? Maybe, it could go like this: 1st age: emergence and dominance of OWGs (in other galaxies... which are not included in this main story, but can develop in the future, perhaps like background info/backstory) 2nd age: massacre of OWGs (in this galaxy. perhaps the humans are the only ones who actually defeated OWGs and drove them out of the system) 3rd age: re-emergence of 1 very powerful OWG (then this is like Sauron vs the whole of Middle-earth) Shadowbreak: (p245) I think Ketsu gets the idea and I want the Hiirgardees to know of the existance of the OWGs. It is PIVOTAL that they know there are OWGs. They know that they can defeat em so they leave our galaxy and plant gene seeds in the genetic pool. They send em to many planets and also put relics at the planets they reside hoping that one day these species will be able to achieve victory over OWGs. Shadowbreak: (p260) I was thinking of making all life in the universe spawn from the same gene pool where an advanced seeding device would travel from one point to another of the universe dropping potential HUMAN race genes however the rest will be duds and will be instead be other alien races. The Hiirgardees did this because the OWGs swept the entire galaxy after they left the galaxy and to also reduce suspicion to the OWGs that something was up. They also built the relics on all planets which would be easy for the Hiirgardee to accomplish so that if the Human race did land there they could then unlock the special gene seed and ascend. Shadowbreak: (p267) So in other words the master plan for the Hiirgardee was that, 1)Leave human gene seed on Earth that would destroy the OWGs in the future 2)Use aliens to defend the Humans though by no means influencing them to do so and 3)Ensure the peace of the galaxy through the ascension of Humans which would act as a governing race for the Galaxy 4)(in future conworld development) Hiirgardee come back to live in our galaxy once again. [Quote] Might me my bad on this, but did the Hiiirgardee alreadly expect the humans to evolve into what they are, and to get the seed?[/Quote] Yes, they actually planned it all in the start but that's privilege only the creators like us know. Additionally, the Hiirgardee did not expect the humans to become 'ready' for the relics until more years to come however due to the Sun's extreme radiation, it accelerated the plan.

No quotes from page 4, nothing usable.


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