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The people of Sora are collectively known as the Sorans, loosely translated to the 'People of the skies". Indeed as their title suggest, their main refuge is a giant floating continent in a extremely low geosynchronous orbit withnin the atmosphere. This is the abode of Hemina.

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Inhabitants of Sora

Engels (The Winged Ones)

The winged ones, characterized by a single wing sprouting from their back form around 40% of the total Sora population. They are those who have undergone genetic modification such as physical augmentation as well as having mastered limit techniques (limik techne). Engels also possess the unusual ability to communicate through telepathy. This allows them to communicate with each other mentally and to understand all forms of known speaking languages. However, they are unable to comprehend written languages as text messages are not living being. This suggests that Engels are unable to read and write. This is further in line with the role Engels are perceived to play in the Soran empire - as Holy Templars whose sole duty is to protect Hemina from all all threats both internally & externally. When engaged in battle, Engels are able to perform limit techniques that are able to call forth elements from the Lifestream of Sora itself allowing them to seemingly perform sorcery.

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