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Humanoid races of Eternia

The Menars

The main and most common species that have a humanoid form and thinking. About 70% to 75% of the humanoid population on Eternia is made up of Menars.They speak Neroleain, a language derived from the sounds made by energies of the planet Eternia itself. Using a Energy-Gathering system called "The garden of Eden" in the core of their huge metropolian city, an endless amount of power is being channeled into their daily lives. At the expense of draining the energies of their planet. Overexposure to the Primal Energies of the planet can cause them to be heavily reliant on the power, forming a sort of addiction. A prolonged lack of the energies cause them to degenerate into a more primitive lifeform. Recently the Menars have been able to wield the magic arts of the plant with more ease due to improvement in genetics technology, though the technology is still in it's infant stages. Menars tend to live up to a hundred years of age unmodified, up to two hundred if modified by the infant technology.

Technology The Menars are proficient in the use of Shielding technology, able to shield themselves from most types of harm, physical or magical. The Dome epitomises this technology, where it is nearly impossible to penetrate. However, they are not as skilled in the other forms of technology, such as construction and design. -Menars employ a form of shielding based on the energies of the crystals on the Raid. By manipulating the elements themselves, they further enchance their powers of shielding, creating the ability of protection and partial regeneration nearly effortlessly. Drawbacks to this technology is their slightly lower-classed offense systems, which casue their fights to be long and drawn out.

The Raid

A small tribe of Meanars that further evolved, speak a "voice on the wind" similar to telaphay. They are a very calm and quiet nature, but can rise up to fight when threatened. Their reliance on the Primal Energies of the planet is diminished due to the one crystal shard that grow on their bodies, forming a sort of "rechargeable-and-portable-energy-source". With the one small crystal shard growing on their body,varying per Raid,(and also the reason for their exile), they have access to their powers through the use of these shards and their link to the Primal Energies,commonly through manifestation of the elements, or in rare cases of the elements on the self.Although the best users of the Primal Energies, when a Raid's shard is cracked their ability to use their powers is weakened or dangerously unpredictable. When the shard is shattered, the raid will often die, as it is the most important part of their body. To date there has only been one raid that has survived the shattering of his shard, however he has disappeared into the Menar's society. His current status is unconfirmed. Raid who have mastered the use of their crystal shard, a very rare case only seen once in a generation, are able to either materialise their crystal into a weapon or materalise themselves into a weapon on another's body. Such acts are extremely taxing on the user's mind and is almost impossible to upkeep for more than two minutes, although combat poweress and senses are sharpened to a point where it is perfect. Due to their connection with the Primal Energies, they barely feel the effects of age on their bodies, allowing them to live for a very long time. Raid who have travelled out of Eternia, in any manner, has a chance to attune to the energies of the universe, allowing them to function similar to how they are on Eternia, however the elemental composition of their surroundings the greatly dulled and is thus difficult to get used to. As a result most Raid prefer to stay in Eternia.

Technology Although they employ next to no advanced mechanical technology, simple forms such as 90% of whats on Earth can be easily accessed by them.

The Venolians

A cat-like variation of the Menars, they make up about 5% of the humanoid population. Communicating through use of body gestures and a myraid of snarls, hisses and growls, they surprisingly share information very well. Venolians form clans among themselves, similar to a wolf pack. Highly instinctive and full of wanderlust, they are commonly found in the mystic forest,wandering about in its deep and extensive regions and live on hunting wild species for food. A lack of a physical connection to the Primal Energies of Eternia prevent them from working any form of the energy. Venolians have been seen with the Raid, however no specific bond has been formed between the two races. It is also uncertain when the Venolians began to exist.

Languages Used

There are three languages used by the humanoid lifeforms of Eternia, Nerolain of the Menars, "Voice of the wind" of the Raid and the animalish-actions of the Venolians. Each of them hold similarities and differences, due to the passage of time and the culture. However due to all of them descending from an ancient,universal language, they hold strangely similar quirks.

The Primal Energies

The Primal Energies of Eternia are split into six basic elements, namely Fire,Water,Wind,Earth,Celestial and Cosmic. Constantly created through an unknown means at the core of the planet, these energies are scattered and spread over the planet in natural currents of power.The energies, when first created, its pure and dangerously consuming.The Great Tree of Avalon first absorbs the newly-created energy before spreading it out as currents across the planet, reducing the danger of the energies as well as resulting in its huge size. They can be used in conjunction with another,alone or with different combinations,depending on the skills of the chanter.Mixing different elements is a very common and sterotypical practice of casters, however the skill that one can use depends of oneself. Living and non-living beings may store these energies in personal reservoirs of power, easily manipulated and transferred. Some beings may have bigger reservoirs than others, race nor lineage do not affect the percentage of energy the being or object can absorb.


Seen as the energies of life, fire-users tend to be very active,passionate,optimistic and bubbly, but at times impulsive and tempermental.They also tend to have more willpower than other users of the magic arts. Common skills in the art of fire include but are not limited to: Light,Combustion and Explosion,Heat gain/loss.


Seen as the energies of form and shape, water users tend to be fluent,intutive and adaptive, at the expense of being repetitive and relentless.Common skills in the art of water include but are not limited to: Shapeshifting,Cellular Regeneration,Transformation.


Seen as the energies of reconnaissance, wind users tend to be nimble,light-hearted and care-free.However being aloof and daydreaming often tend to cut them off from others.Winds users tend to be swift and agile, either mentally, physically, or both.Common skills in the art of wind include but are not limited to:Conjuration,Windwhispering,Blinking


Seen as the energies of preservation, earth users tend to be protective and serene,ancient,even naive.while being stubborn and resistant.Common skills in the art of earth include but are not limited to:Healing,Translation,Protection


Seen as the energies of solar and lunar happenings, celestial users tend to be prophetical and all-knowing, which may sometimes annoy others.The Celestial arts are discovered after the Raid landed of the Cresent Isles, where the solar and lunar passings awakened a new type of energy in some of their crystal shards.Common skills include but are not limited to:Day/Night alteration,Gravity,Beguiling.


Seen as the energies of the universe, cosmic force users tend to be vast and deep.Very little is know about this newly discovered element, although time and space is commonly altered by cosmic users.

Combinations of Elements, Examples

Examples of the common combinations of elements will be posted here, although greater men need no manual to act. Skills with a bracket require a being skilled in the element to use, unless he or she has a very high energy pool to waste.

-Bullets of Stone. By using the element of earth, in the form of a rock, the user can use water to sharpen the rock to become extremely sharp, which can be fired with the help of wind. Further refinement with fire then creates bullets with a small explosive proximity. -Forging (Earth) By drawing earth in it's purer forms,the caster can create metal by using fire to melt the more common metals found. Using wind to blow away the finer and unwanted materials, then using minor cosmic to multiply the amount of material found, the caster can forge an object to his liking, which can be preserved with the help of cooling by water or wind. -Lunar Fire(Fire) Using a normal flame, fire users can use the complete opposite of the element, frozen water, to mix with the normal flame. By constantly keeping the flame going, the flame can be attributed with the frozen status, creating an effect of burn and freeze at once. Using the blessing of celestial powers, specifically the lunar half, the caster can then apply moonlight to the flame, creating a flame that appears not to burn, confusing the enemy. -Mending of body By using the water to wash off impure substances in the wound, as well as healing it at the same time,healers often apply the healing powers of the earth element, specifically plants, to restore and enhance the wounded flesh, restoring it to normal status.

Geology of Eternia

Planet Eternia is shaped like an upright letter six, or a snail-shaped cam. The top of the planet, where gravity is the lowest, is the only source of which water flows down to the rest of Eternia. It also houses the "Great tree of Avalon", where its huge towering presence shades the planet from receiving too much of the sun's rays. The bottom of the planet which constantly snows due to the lack of sunlight, houses a huge whirlpool, is where the sunken city of Aryoquan is rumored to be located. However the sheer power of the whirlpool is enough to deter many Humanoids and Creatures alike, Aryoquan still remains a rumor. [1]

The Great Tree of Avalon

The Great Tree, towering above the planet like a huge parabola, absorbs energies created within the core of the planet with its garguantuan roots, showering them out every night.It has five main roots and countless minor ones, to this extent the Venolians call the Great Tree a claw of an omnipotent creature.The tree also sheds a leaf whenever an infant is born, when that one leaf reaches the infant it is able to see and sense the currents of energies that course through the planet. If the leaf is unable to reach the infant before it comes 1 year of age, the infant would be unable to detect the currents of energies at all and would need exterior assistance if it wishes to do so. The Raid make a pligrimage to the tree every 64 moonrises, they believe that that was the original number of Raid that were originally cast out due to their crystal shards, thus visiting the tree and wishing for a safe and bright future.


The city rumored to hold vast knowledge on the nature of the planet, as well as to hold a doorway to the core of the planet. This once-great empire was blasted under the ocean after an expedition team opened the doorway to the core of the planet. The doorway, believed to still be open, causes the enormous whirlpool to exist above the undersea city. Yet after the countless years that have passed after the Ancient-Menar left the place, it is uncertain if the city still exists. One this is for sure though, if it does exist, the city could bless a being to become as powerful as a god, for the doorway to the core of the planet is situated there.

The Cresent Isles

The Cresent Isles, home to the Raid, is where they found themselves washed up against after they and the Ancient-Menars split up after the blasting of Aryoquan. The Isles are made up of a main island, and four outlying islands. The main island is home to most of the population, while the outlying islands serve different purposes. From the cresent isles is also where one may see a strangely beautiful scene, where four ancient creatures meet each other every thousand years.

The Dome

Home to the ever-technologically advanced Menars, the dome is where the Menars live. Stretching up to several hundred kilometers wide in diameter, the dome is enormously huge and is able to support the lifestyle of the Menars. At the middle of the dome is where is Garden of Eden is located, the Menars made a spire to drain some of the primal energies of the planet from its core to power their great city, similar to the Great Tree of Avalon. The dome itself is made up of a highly reflective and resistant form of energy (displaying the technological skills of the Menar), it is nearly impossible to breach, as a cost of requiring a huge amount of power to mantain. Thus the dome is usually kept at less than 10% of is optimal power, to prevent over-draining of the planet's energy. The waste materials produced by the Menars are also cast out at a location near the dome; a huge, disease-ridden swamp has spawned as a result.

The Mystic Forest

A huge and magical forest that occupies most of the planet,beginning at one of the roots of the great tree, the mystic forest is largely unexplored and is home to a wide variety of magical creatures. Spanning for miles and miles, the mystic forest is nearly impossible to fully chart and explore. It is also home to the Venolians, many of their clans are found wandering about in the deep sections of the forest, where they may or may not begin to finally attune to the energies of the planet.

Storyline of Eternia, Events.

The history of Eternia can be traced to the city of Aryoquan, where both Menars and Raid lived together, to the current date. This section will thus be large and extensive, as the events can further be broken to smaller parts.

The Beginning

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