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This Wiki is dedicated for the ConWorlding of project Worblamation, by the team of Worblamation. It is created using the fertile imaginations of the Team's members.

The project Worblamation has an ultimate goal: to create a ConWorld with depth, consistency, beauty and intricacy that can be found in J. R. R. Tolkien's 'Middle-Earth'; which was also what inspired this project. As a Conworld is a beautiful as it would be, it is as difficult to make.

Ultimately, we are just out to have fun in the midst of creating this universe. Future intentions to create games out of this are unknown, but we are in the midst of playing something what we call "Sim Universe". After "Sim Universe" we carry on to play "Sim Universe: at War" to signify the various expansions of various empires and races and contact between the races.

There are times where we would play d20 RPG modes or even the table-top war games. This is just simulation of wars, adventures and events that might take place in the timeline of the whole conworld.

We are determined to create an alternative reality with a variety of lifeforms and cultures, ultimately a whole universe in essence. Wait, wouldn't that make this ConWorld, ConUniverse? or better still, ConVerse! =)


//a short history of ConWorld.Worblamation

This project was launched in June, 2007. It originally started off as a small minute seed in a small little corner of Daniel's (Arkyonite) brain. Eventually, it sprouted and sparked into what it has become today.

Along the way, the Team of Worblamation was formed. Recruiting a group of ConArtists(not to be confused with con-artists!), Worblamation project wouldn't be what it would be today, thanks to (some are there just for honourary mention):

See Also: Policy:Callsigns

Development of Plot

//There are some proposed changes to the Plot Development, where the various segments are modified... Refer to the ConWorld forums for more info. Arkyonite 03:33, 6 April 2008 (EDT)

There are various segments in this epic tale of the revelational Techno-magi.

Post-Modern Epoch: This epoch is somewhat parallel to our current world. However, as the name would suggest, this is slightly in the near future, where space exploration becomes more feasible the key event that marks the end of the post-modern epoch is the colonization of mars using biospheres. Terraforming is not entirely feasible as of yet.

The Great Rapture Segment: This is when the technological golden age happens.

Key events that happen during this epoch: - The finding of an ancient alien mothership buried on Mars - The creation of gravity manipulation technology (based on the alien technology from the mothership) - Miniaturization of fusion/fission power sources (based on the alien technology from the mothership) - Colonization of other planets in the solar system - Successful mining missions to the asteroids in the asteroid belt - Development of Reversible Cryonics Technology

The most important event that happens: - The cataclysm of the sun, which caused the humans to rush their construction of the human's very first mothership in an attempt to colonize another planet in another system in a plan called The Great Rapture.

Things we need to clarify: - What kind of alien technology are available - Where did the mothership come from/whose mothership - What further technology did the humans have - How the cataclysm happened

Suggestions so far:

How the cataclysm happened: - Experimentation on the sun - Humans realised that doing something (maybe mass fission) is too hard to do on a planet itself to make it a feasible power source and decided to harness the raw power of the sun. This caused an acceleration to the sun's life span causing it to become a Red Giant sooner then expected. With this the Mothership's development was accelerated and The Great Rapture was conducted in secret to selective choose who to bring along on the Exodus.

Why we have to decide where did the mothership came from: 1. It could possibly be the forerunner's ship, in which case there would be an interlinked plot with the relic on earth, which is unveiled later. 2. It's one of the other (our) alien's lost ship. We could probably *[b]create a story[/b]* about the first encounter with any aliens. Suggestion: The first aliens that the humans meet found out that the human's technology is similar to their own, and decided to confront them. Can be either friendly or hostile confrontation, depending on the type of alien.

Exodus Segment: In essence, as the word "Exodus" means the great journey(or similar), this is talking about the part where humans colonize many other systems and migrate there, forming various factions and alliances. Alien races are discovered by the humans and come into the story as 2 Mega-factions comprised of different planet races that are in disagreement as to the fate of planet Earth due to a prophesy. The factions within the mega-factions are also not totally allied with one another but are joining due to convenience or are being extorted. This is also where the High-Tech conflict would occur.

Apocalypse Segment: Oh no, did you hear Apocalypse? Oh yes, you did. This segment of the story portrays the plight of Humans left on Earth. With the constant radiation blasting the wildlife are exposed to, plants, animals and Humans start to mutate and 3 major camps emerge from the radioactive ashes of the battlefield. The Vaults, the Mutants and the Fraternity of Steel who are at war with one another. The Vaults are attacked by raids from the Fraternity of Steel which crack their underground vaults and pillage their technologies as they see technology as a mystical force and A.I. to be a God. The Mutants are comprised of mutated humans that are neither in the Vaults or in the Fraternity of Steel and instead were the majority of people that had no proper shelter against the radiation. Strangely, they mirror Humanity's Fantasy creatures but slightly different.

Nobody from other systems tried colonising back the Homeworld of Earth for fear that the anomalies in the system might be detrimental to both the ship and humans, or that the humans might become all-powerful and turn back onto the rest of the human race.

Regenesis Segment: Millenia passed, human survivors of Apocalypse have evolved. Magic appears. etc etc etc. This is one part that is VERY unclear and vague currently. There are just so many different variations that are so possible. As the name suggests, this is a new beginning, except very much like a "lord of the rings" part.

(splice Starcraft, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft III ...etc. in here)

Armageddon Segment: Old Humans decided to recolonise Earth. But found that it already have people. Imagine this segment as Magic vs Technology kind of thing.

Very very complicated storyline for this part. But just take it that nobody wins, and alot of people would be involved, parallel universes, and other weird stuff. You know... like the recent block in Magic: the Gathering. different planes and stuff...

Revelation Segment: Somehow, a peace treaty is formed. Council of the Techno-magi formed. Other forms of conflict occur. Nothing much to elaborate.

END OF STORY! or perhaps more continuation... =D

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